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Our Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) underwriting standards and guidelines are designed to assist in completing proposals for LMI.

They represent the minimum acceptable requirements for submission of an LMI proposal to Helia.

To support financial wellbeing, now and for the future, Helia will consider any LMI proposal that does not meet our guidelines based on individual merit.

LMI underwriting standards and guidelines

LMI guidelines bulletin Effective date
LMI underwriting standards and guidelines bulletin 1 July 2024

Valuation minimum standards

Title Effective date
LMI valuation minimum standards May 2023
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Cancellations and refunds.


Depending on your lender, you may be entitled to a partial refund of your LMI fee if you repay your home loan within two years of the settlement date.

In some cases you may not receive a refund due to an arrangement to receive a larger up-front discount (instead of the right to a refund). In this case, the amount of this discount would have been reflected in the fee passed onto you, by your lender.

If you have repaid your home loan, all cancellation and refund enquiries should be directed to your lender.

Lender questions – For further details please contact us on 1300 655 422 between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday or by email at

For further information, please contact our Loss Management Leader,

Hardship Assistance.


Unexpected life events can have a devastating impact on a home owners financial wellbeing including their ability to meet home loan repayments. Life changing events can include sudden job loss, reduced income, illness,  domestic violence, and relationship breakdowns.

Home owners

Please contact your lender who will work with you to determine the options and solutions for your circumstance.

Loss mitigation - borrower information (2023)


Please contact our Loss Mitigation team to talk through our offerings  to support your customer.

Contact: Loss Management Leader – Matthew Keli

Loss Mitigation

Reporting requirements for lenders

Our Master Policy sets out our terms and conditions when dealing with arrears.

Any insured loan which is 60 days in arrears needs to be reported to us within 14 days of the end of each month using our arrears reporting template.

Arrears reporting templates can be found in The Hub

Arrears reporting can be submitted  to or submitted via Helia's Managed Secure File Transfer (MFT)

When life gets in the way of meeting home loan repayments

If there’s been a change in circumstances and the home owner is finding it difficult to make their home loan repayments, it’s likely they are experiencing financial hardship.
Hardship reporting can be found in The Hub

Hardship reporting can be submitted via our eLMI portal, or our Managed Secure File Transfer (MFT)

Debt Recovery - Borrower Information (2023)

Loss Mitigation - Borrower Information (2023)

Helia debt recovery hardship form (2023)

When it’s time to sell, with home owner still in control

For a borrower experiencing difficulties meeting their loan repayments, one of the hardest decisions they will have to make is to sell their home.

It is important they speak to their lender or broker and are encouraged to seek independent financial and/or legal advice before doing so to ensure they make the correct decision.

A borrower sale can be submitted to


The lender has taken possession of the property

Mortgagee-in-possession (MIP) sales occur as a last resort when a borrowers financial difficulties are regrettably unable to be resolved and they have chosen not to sell their property themselves. As the lender is in possession of the property, we will work with the lender throughout the MIP sale process.

Information on MIP reporting requirements can be found in The Hub.
A MIP notification can be submitted to

The property is sold with a shortfall incurred

claim form must be completed by the lender and submitted with any ancillary information to the Claims Adjudication team for assessment before payment will be made.

A claim for the shortfall loss form can be found at THE HUB

A claim can be  submitted via our eLMI portal or to

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Important Information

The information contained on this website is general information. It does not constitute legal, tax, credit or financial advice, and is not tailored to a borrower’s specific circumstances. Borrowers should consider their own personal circumstances and seek advice from their professional advisers before making any decisions that may impact their financial position.

Helia is not a ‘credit provider’, as that term is defined in the National Consumer Credit Protection 2009 (Cth) in respect to its provision of LMI. LMI is insurance that protects credit providers, not borrowers, and cannot be provided directly to borrowers. The information provided does not refer to a credit contract with any particular credit provider.